Children’s Care

Maple Dental Hygiene Care greatly values first childhood experiences. First impressions are everything, especially for children. As a dental hygienist that specializes in children’s dental care, we take that very seriously.

At Maple Dental Hygiene Care, we always schedule extra time for children’s appointments to ensure they feel comfortable and relaxed in our care. We are always happy to take the time needed with parents to address any questions, concerns, or to explain any treatment. At Maple Dental Hygiene Care, children receive individualized quality children’s dental care. New public health guidelines now recommend children visit an oral health care provider before their first birthday. As an expert children’s dental hygienist, Registered Dental Hygienist, Orofacial Myologist, and Orthodontic dental Hygienist, Pina Mazza can screen for a variety of oral health care concerns in infants and children. These children’s dental care concerns can include any, or a combination, of the following:

These conditions and how they relate to children’s dental care, oral health, overall growth and development are assessed and discussed with parents. Pina Mazza collaborates with other health care professionals and, when necessary, can refer to ensure children are able to achieve a healthy smile for a lifetime.

If you are looking for a children’s dental care clinic in Vaughan, look no further. Visit Maple Dental Hygiene care or call 416.835.5002 to book an appointment.

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