Welcome to Maple Dental Hygiene Care, a premier dental hygiene clinic in Vaughan. We are always doing our best to provide the most accurate information about our dental hygiene clinic’s practice and about oral health care.

Maple Dental Hygiene Care is an expression of Pina Mazza’s passion. Our registered dental hygienist wants to provide everyone in Vaughan and surrounding communities the best dental hygiene care possible. We have dedicated our dental hygiene clinic to this and always leave our customers with clean, healthy, and happy smiles that last for a lifetime.

As a dental hygiene clinic, it’s a privilege to provide quality dental hygiene care and myofunctional therapy. We take pride in providing excellent dental hygiene care and showing commitment to our patients. This is why our dental hygiene clinic in Vaughan can be trusted with your family’s dental hygiene and Orofacial Myology therapy care.

Please feel free to contact Maple Dental Hygiene Care at any time with questions or concerns that you have about your oral health. Our expert dental hygienist and Orofacial Myologist is always here to help you!

Maple Dental Hygiene Care by Pina Mazza
Registered Dental Hygienist & Orofacial Myologist

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* Please allow at least 48 hours notice for confirmation of the appointment by Maple Dental Hygiene Care.

** Please inform Pina Mazza of any medical/health problems or changes you may have or any medications you are currently taking.

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