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Why Athletes Should Have Custom Sport Mouthguards

If you are an athlete or the parent of an athlete, you already know it is essential to have a mouthguard if you or your child is playing a sport that requires one. However, people always wonder whether it is okay to simply purchase a store bought, generic mouthguard or invest in custom sport mouthguards. After reading about the benefits of a custom mouthguard, you will be clear as to why a custom mouthguard is always the way to go:

The first thing you need to know is that store bought mouthguards simply don’t live up to a custom mouthguard experience. They tend to be uncomfortable, ill-fitting, and overall useless in comparison.

Store bought mouthguards…
  • Aren’t tailored to your exact mouth and teeth shape. This means they can be difficult to wear and that they provide little to no protection against injury.
  • Require a bit of work before wearing. If you decide to try out boil-and-bite mouthguards, you must boil them in water to soften the plastic and then let it cool to set.
  • Are made of thinner plastics that aren’t made to withstand excessive force. This means that they won’t last long, fit well, or provide any real level of protection. They also will be of no help to athletes that tend to grind their teeth while performing their sport.

The best option for an athlete, especially ones who play or perform extremely high-risk sports, is a custom mouthguard. Unlike other mouthguard options, custom mouthguards are built to fit perfectly onto the athlete’s teeth, making it an exact and comfortable fit.

Custom sport mouthguards…
  • Fit better
  • Are made from thicker plastic, which ensures a longer lifespan and better protection for the teeth
  • Do not sacrifice comfort for function
  • Alleviate jaw tension and protect the teeth from those who grind their teeth
  • Are more durable, which means you won’t have to replace them as often
  • Provide better protection, which means less chances of expensive dental work

Make the right decision, invest in the better protection and comfort that a custom mouth guard provides. If you are looking for quality custom sports mouth guards, Maple Dental Hygiene Care can help! Call us today to schedule an appointment for all of your custom sport mouthguards, hygiene, and/or orofacial needs: (905) 597-6342


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