When you’re young, lip piercings may seem like a creative way to express yourself. However, when you’re older, lip piercings may be considered as too juvenile, and may not reflect your more mature personality.

Removing the hole left behind by a long term piercing is not as easy as removing the jewellery. A facial piercing that has been present for a long time develops scar tissue around the actual opening. Scar tissue prevents the hole from ever closing completely. However, the hole left from a piercing inside the mouth does eventually close, because the tissues inside the mouth are different from the skin tissues of the face. Most people are not aware that the bigger the gauge used to make the piercing, the bigger the hole left behind.

Saying “Farewell” To Your Piercing

Once you make the decision to remove the piercing and close the visible hole on your face, a consultation with a dermatologist will be needed. To remove and close the hole in the skin, the dermatologist will have to provide a local anesthetic to numb the area around the opening, and then surgically remove the scar tissue that formed around the piercing. Stitches will be needed to close the opening and care given to the site to help the tissues heal. Although the hole in the skin will be gone, a permanent indentation in the skin will remain. Once healing has occurred at the site, cosmetic procedures like using fillers may be needed to minimize the indentation.

Let’s Talk It Out!

Lip piercings have long term consequences on both oral health and facial esthetics. Careful thought should be given when considering an oral piercing. Discussing oral piercings with a dental hygienist will help to inform you about the different considerations regarding oral piercings, so that an informed decision can be made.

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