“I’m going to quit smoking after I get my teeth cleaned”…

If you are a smoker and have been trying to quit smoking to no avail, having a professional dental cleaning may be an important motivational first step. Registered dental hygienists often offer the initial support and encouragement needed for smokers to move forward with smoking cessation.

Smokers often have significant tobacco staining on their teeth, along with tartar build-up. Therefore, having your teeth cleaned and stain-free can be an inspirational moment for smoking cessation goals to be set. Dental cleaning appointments also provide the perfect opportunity and environment for dental hygienists to counsel smokers about smoking cessation.

Knowledge = Power to Quit

Dental hygienists help clients quit smoking through motivational interviewing. They bring awareness to issues related to smoking and help clients identify obstacles that may interfere with their smoking cessation goals. Dental hygienists also help to provide and direct clients to smoking cessation resources. They can also suggest incentives like teeth whitening to keep clients motivated and focused on their goal to stop smoking (pretty understandable… who doesn’t want a pearly white smile?!). Dental hygienists make a valuable contribution and investment into the long-term oral health and overall health of clients through smoking cessation counselling. In addition, dental hygienists bring awareness to cancer prevention and ultimately help save lives.

Ready to quit for good, or due for a routine cleaning? Visit Maple Dental Hygiene Care today!. Smoking cessation counseling is an integral part of providing oral health care and a healthy smile for a lifetime. Will you take that first step to better health? We’ll be here if you need us!!


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