Bring in the New Year with a brilliant smile!

If you’re like me and you’ve just started putting together your holiday shopping list – make sure to snag these ideal dental gadgets for the new year! These make great stocking stuffers and will keep your mouth healthy and fabulous all year long.

Here are a few of my favourites:
  1. An Electronic Toothbrush – Everyone needs a toothbrush, but an electric toothbrush is a real treat that most people don’t purchase for themselves. There are many different varieties available on the market, you can choose your price range from the elite Oral B and Sonic Care to the more affordable varieties. They make excellent gifts for adults and children of any age!
  2. A Water Pik – A Water Pik is a great accompaniment to your standard dental kit, keeping gums and teeth healthy all year long. It makes an excellent gift for adults and especially anyone with braces. You can choose from a variety of counter top versions, or choose a mini hand held version.
  3. The Gift of a Whiter, Brighter Smile – Almost everyone wants a whiter, brighter smile. A gift certificate for teeth whitening at a dental hygiene or dental office will be very much appreciated and valued by that special someone. Crest White Strips also make perfect stocking stuffers for those looking to whiten just a little.Baking Soda is another great alternative for family members who are smokers and drink a generous amount of coffee and/or tea. It will help to reduce stains in between dental cleanings.
  4. The Gift of Healthy Gums and Teeth – A gift certificate for a dental cleaning and exam is an excellent gift for those you love that may not have dental benefits. Giving the gift of healthy gums and teeth lets them know you care about their oral health.
  5. Pur Gum and Mints – Pur gum and mints are an excellent and healthy alternative to regular gum! Pur is sweetened with Xyli-tol, a naturally occurring sugar derived from non-GMO corn. It is chemical free, with studies showing Xylitol as beneficial to oral health. Xylitol helps decrease the risk of cavities and helps stimulate saliva for those who suffer from dry mouth.
  6. All-Time Oral Hygiene Favourites – Here are some all-time faves that greatly benefit you and your mouth after you indulge in all of the sweets and treats of the holiday season!
    • Listerine Mouthwash
    • Extra soft toothbrushes
    • Floss and Floss Wands
    • Sensitive toothpaste or Whitening toothpaste
    • A timer to ensure that your family members are brushing for at least 2 minutes

Last, but not least… gracing your family members with the Gift of a Smile this holiday season will always be very much appreciated and valued!!


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