This is often one of the most common questions the Dental Hygienist is asked by parents of very young children during a dental cleaning appointment. The presence of spaces between the baby teeth is absolutely great. Baby teeth are generally much smaller than the permanent adult teeth. Therefore, having spaces present between the baby teeth is always welcome and a good indicator that the permanent teeth will have a little more space to erupt into the mouth. However, depending on the child’s age and how many permanent teeth are present, it may still be too soon to determine if braces are necessary.

In addition to having spaces between the baby teeth, the development of both the upper and lower jaws as the child grows is a very important factor in determining orthodontic treatment. Regular dental hygiene visits during childhood will help to monitor both the teeth eruptions and jaw developments in children.

Book your appointment today with your registered dental hygienist, who is trained in orthodontic treatment and she will be able to access and recommend referral for orthodontic evaluation in and around the appropriate time braces may be needed.


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