These Goodies Deserve a Spot Under the Tree This Year…
Happy Holidays, everyone!

There are a few really wonderful and exciting new products now available on the market that are sure to make everyone happy this Christmas. Now, this hygienist is going to share them all with you!

First off, the gift of an electric toothbrush is one that everyone will appreciate. Oral-B has recently introduced the newest premium power tooth brush; the Oral-B Genius. The Oral-B Genius with Bluetooth technology, Oral-B app and pressure indicator light will guide you to brush gently, and will ensure that you never miss an area in your mouth! It really does make an excellent gift for that special person (who pretty much has everything already).

Smile Brightly in 2017

Secondly, the gift of a whiter, brighter smile is definitely one that anyone will appreciate. Gift certificates for teeth whitening for either Philips ZOOM (laser) teeth whitening or the DayWhiteProfessional take home whitening (with custom trays) are available.

The newest whitening product now available is the Crest White Strips Supreme Professional System – and what’s great about this product is that there are no trays required. You can purchase this whitening package to give away on Christmas day, however it is only available for purchase through an oral health care professional. The system contains 14% hydrogen peroxide as compared to the 6.5 % hydrogen peroxide content present in the Crest White Strips Professional System available at drug stores.

Both the Oral-B Genius and the Crest White Strips Supreme Professional System are available at Maple Dental Hygiene Care… so come on in and get the goods! We’d love if you stopped by.

Maple Dental Hygiene Care wishes everyone a very Merry Christmas, a Happy Hanukkah and a Happy holiday season!


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