Teeth and Gum Health Care Tips

Your teeth and gums make up the foundation of your mouth.  To be sure that your dental care is in the best shape when you visit your dental hygienist, read the article below to gain some knowledge on how to keep your teeth and gums in great condition.

It is important to brush your teeth twice a day. This is recommended by the ADA and should be incorporated into your daily dental care routine. When you brush your teeth, also take this time to floss as an extra step in healthy gum management.

When your teeth’s enamel weakens, cavities occur. If you view your enamel as a sort of shield, you can understand when your enamel is damaged or missing altogether, bacteria can easy get to these vulnerable areas and cause a cavity. Brushing twice a day with soft bristled brushes and visiting your dental hygienist regularly can keep your enamel healthy and strong.

Sometimes it is necessary to brush your teeth more than twice a day. If you are eating especially sugary foods, consider brushing again after eating in order to help protect your enamel. Inter-dental cleaners are small disposable brushes that can be used in between brushing as a quick clean up. They are especially useful for those with braces but are highly recommended for everyone as a post eating dental care step. Some inter dental cleaner brands that are recommended are: Reach Stim-U-dent, Oral-B Inter dental brush, and the Sulcabrush.

Avoid chewing on ice. Although this may be an enjoyable thing for some, chewing on ice may cause your teeth to crack. This will create areas for plaque and bacteria to settle and then create a cavity.  Similarly, be mindful when eating popcorn or nuts as they can also cause teeth to crack.

Keep your oral hygiene as a top priority so it never has to turn into something you need to be concerned about. Educate yourself on oral health and health care with these tips and by consulting Maple Dental Hygiene Care. To get expert guidance from a dental hygienist in Vaughan, call us today at 410.835.5002 or visit the Maple dental Hygiene care website to book an appointment.


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