What is Open Mouth Posture?

When your mouth is not in use for the behaviours of eating, drinking, or speaking, there is a certain way that the mouth and lips should rest. If the mouth and lips instead begin to create irregular shapes and cause development issues to the mouth, lips, and jaw area, an orofacial mycologist should be contacted to fix this issue, referred to as Open Mouth Posture.

Open mouth posture is often seen in children but can also be found in adults. This is usually because they did not receive treatment as a child to fix the issue. This condition can be treated through orofacial myology, however it is important to be aware of what to look for in order to get yourself, or your child, the proper help. Here are symptoms that you should look out for in yourself or your child:

Proper resting mouth position:
– A closed mouth with lips sealed together without strain.
– Breathing (in and out) through the nose.
– Tongue relaxed along palate, resting behind but NOT pushing against the front teeth.

Improper resting mouth position signs that indicate Open Mouth Posture:
– Mouth open at rest.
– Breathing (in and out) through mouth.
– Protruding tongue.
– Tongue pushing against front teeth.
– Lower jaw is hanging forward.

Open lip/ open mouth position can create problems in the development of facial and oral structure function. These problems can be anywhere from developing orthodontic problems such as crowded teeth, under bite, over bite, and protruding front teeth to speech articulation issues, joint disorders and abnormally developed facial features (e.g., long face syndrome, protruding lips, malformed nose, neck, and shoulders, etc.).

If your child displays symptoms of open lip/ open mouth syndrome, an orofacial myologist can help address these issues. Being aware of and being able to identify these symptoms will allow you to get yourself or your child the assistance they need to correct the functions of their mouth and jaw. With the application of proper orofacial therapies and techniques, open lip/ mouth condition can be vastly improved.

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