What is Tooth Enamel and How Do I Protect It?

Tooth enamel is the strongest substance in your body. It is the semi-clear, hard, and durable outer layer of your teeth that protects from daily wear and tear. Your tooth enamel is responsible for not feeling extreme hot or cold from food or drinks, fends off acids and chemicals, and protects from cavities and decay.

When tooth enamel erodes, teeth are more susceptible to cavities and decay. You may find yourself, feeling more tooth sensitivity when it comes to eating extremely hot or cold foods and drinks and when eating sweets.

You can prevent tooth enamel erosion by:
 Cutting down on acidic drinks and foods like sodas, citrus fruits and juices—acid breaks down enamel
 Rinse your mouth with water right after you eat or drink something acidic—this will reduce acid in your mouth
 Use a straw for sodas and fruit juices so they bypass teeth
 Finish a meal with a glass of milk or a piece of cheese—dairy helps to build and strengthen enamel
 Cutting down on sweets consumption—bacteria in the mouth thrives on sugar
 Not grinding your teeth—if you do this in your sleep, consider purchasing a mouth guard
 Brush your teeth twice a day, a half hour after meals.

The best thing to do in terms of protecting your enamel and teeth in general is to work with your dentist and follow their guidance to maintain a healthy mouth. To get expert guidance from a dental hygienist in Vaughan, call us today at 410.835.5002 or visit the Maple dental Hygiene care website to book an appointment.


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