How To Make Your Oral Hygiene Routine Environmentally Friendly

The world creates 3.5 million tons of waste per day. This means that completely avoidable substances like plastic are being tossed away to sit in landfills for years. By making a few changes to our lifestyle, we can help decrease this waste production. Here are a few changes you can introduce into your oral healthcare routine to cut back on the waste that you produce.

Wooden Toothbrushes
Toothbrushes made from wood instead of plastic cuts back on the amount of plastic we throw away. If every person were to switch to a wooden toothbrush, we reduce a significant amount of waste with this single action. Although the bristles are still plastic and cannot biodegrade like the wooden handles, this is still a great step in the right direction.

Use Plastic-Free Floss
Plastic-free floss is made from silk and is entirely biodegradable. This means that it is eco-friendly and zero-waste.

Cut Down on Water
Many people are in the habit of letting the faucet run as they brush their teeth. This is a very bad habit as every moment of water running from your faucet decreases our fresh water supply. It is a very wasteful habit that can be curbed through the intent to be less wasteful and diligent action towards this intention.

Plastic Free Toothpastes
The first way to cut down on waste is to avoid products with plastic. In this way, find toothpastes, tooth powders, or toothpaste tablets that are packaged in glass or metal containers. These kinds of products are also usually cruelty-free, organic, and ethically sourced so you can feel even better about purchasing them.

Helping protect the Earth is as easy as switching to environmentally safe and sustainable products. Try the switch today to become as zero-waste as possible for your lifestyle while still taking care of your teeth.

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