What Is Tongue Thrust And How To Treat It

Tongue Thrust is a condition identified by an abnormal set of the mouth, often referred to as “open bite”. It is caused by the tongue pressing forward too far in the mouth. Apart from being an uncomfortable condition, it can also cause and/or exacerbate poor swallowing habits, allergies, and tongue-tie.

The signs and symptoms of Tongue Thrust include:
• Tongue being visible between the teeth
• Mouth breathing
• Inability to close the lips completely
• Open bite
• Slow, fast, or messy eating
• Speech impediment

Although these can be experienced or seen in both babies and adults, the experience of tongue tie is different for each. Babies with Tongue Thrust likely have it due to prolonged bottle use. It is apparent due to the overactive motion of the tongue during swallowing and speaking. Adults who have Tongue Thrust have likely grown into the condition since childhood.

An orofacial myologist is able to diagnose and treat Tongue Thrust to reduce improper oral habits. A treatment including orthodontic devices and ongoing therapy to correct the placement of the lips, jaw, and tongue can help address facial structure and other issues that the condition may have caused.

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