Understanding Orofacial Myology

Despite being a more obscure, unheard of practice, orofacial myology is essential to the treatment of numerous tongue, teeth and jaw complications. More simply, an orofacial Myologist deals with the muscles in the face and mouth, in order to ensure that they are functioning correctly and that the symptoms of orofacial Myofunctional disorders don’t worsen.

Examples of these disorders may include but are not limited to thumb and finger sucking, tongue thrusts, mouth breathing, snoring, pain or impairment of the jaw hinge and asymmetrical appearance of the face. Although these may seem like trivial abnormalities, it is important to treat these symptoms as soon as possible, for the reason that they may cause improper alignment of the teeth, periodontal disorders, orthodontic relapse, abnormal jaw growth or position, and more. Orofacial myology may also be used as a form of rehabilitation for patients who have undergone mouth or facial surgery.

Treatment performed by an Orofacial Myologist typically involves learning exercises that will train your muscles to function properly, comparable to a personal trainer for your face. These therapy sessions will not only improve the symptoms which vary with each patient, but they will allow patients to develop the skills to prevent and overcome these abnormalities.

Seeing as orofacial myology treatment is painless and non-invasive, it is an excellent option for many symptoms and offers a wide variety of benefits. For instance, this method of treatment is very likely to succeed, as it addresses the causes of these symptoms from the root of the issue. Additionally, it increases the likelihood of success of other treatments such as orthodontics or facial surgery, when used in conjunction.

In order to qualify as an Orofacial Myologist, one must have previously acquired undergraduate certification in the field of dentistry, another medical profession or speech pathology. Consequently, our Orofacial Myologist, Pina Mazza, is very qualified in this field and is well versed in the many aspects and treatment of various orofacial Myofunctional disorders. If you are experiencing any of the above-mentioned symptoms, come in for a consultation today!


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